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Country Finance Manager


Job Title:

Country Finance Manager



Finance based Company in Dubai



Banking & Financial Services



Dubai, Dubai


The Role

Lead the implementation, planning, monitoring and reporting activities as well as further development, ensuring that a strong strategic direction is maintained. Oversee the management of office and finance functions. Manage the overall development and implementation of programme components in fulfillment of the strategy in accordance with funded programme obligations, including developing new areas of work as relevant. Communicate instructions and milestones for business planning, including long-term planning, budgeting, quarterly forecasting and cash flow forecasting. Facilitate and coordinate business planning processes. Prepare and review periodic financial reports. Developing business strategic plan, providing support for quarterly and ongoing performance reviews. Participates in making company business plans. Review and advise on business matters having significant financial and profit implications, including major sales and purchase contracts, capital expenditures, staff expansion, agency agreements. Coordinates preparation of operating and capital budgets. Monitors performance against budgets. Identifies problem area, advice on corrective action. Ensures that all regular financial reports are prepared accurately and on time. Identifies needs for special reports and analyses and arrange for preparation. Forecasts and monitors cash flow. Deals with treasury on cash requirements and foreign exchange transactions including hedging. Ensures proper management of cash to meet needs and maximize return on assets investment. Ensures operation of sound credit and collection program to facilitate sales and minimize credit losses. Deals with external auditors and internal auditors, Government offices, suppliers, customers on financial matters.

Skill Set/Qualification

Develop vision, mission and strategies to ensure value driven culture. Strategic planning and budgeting. Build and maintain strong business partnerships Represent company at public and private meetings. Identify and resolve problems in timely manner. Gather and analyze information, develop alternative solutions where needed.