Resume Drafting

Why should you choose Resume Drafting?

If you want to create a stand for you even before an interview, your resume can do it.

Our professional resume writers customize the resume based on your skills set, experience and knowledge that is well suitable for your field of work. Your resume is well written to catch the employer’s interest at the first glance.

  • Clear objective inclined towards the job role your looking to apply for.
  • Your educational background and professional highlights written in the right order.
  • Required focus on your personal achievements and professional accomplishments.
  • Adequate usage of industry jargons and eye catching format.

We promise the confidentially of your information.

Need cover letter for my resume:

First impression is the best impression. Cover letter speaks of your attitude and accolades even before the employers read through the resume. Our professional resume writers write convey your career objective and other details very precisely and appropriately.

Our Experts and Service:

  • Our professionals have a great understanding of what employers are looking for in candidates.
  • Our experts work closely with you to tailor your resume with all your strengths and accomplishments.
  • The final version of your resume is written and verified by our professional resume writers to ensure you are satisfied and it helps you kick-start your career in a better and brighter way.

Personalized Service to Match Your Career Stage

Entering into the corporate world? Showcase your education, professional achievements, and personal attributes to meet new challenges.

Competition grows intense as you move up your career ladder. Get a resume that focuses on your education,strengths and sets you apart the crowd.

Demonstrate your leadership qualities, management skills and accolades effectively

Tailor your resume according to your unique job needs, highlighting your accomplishments and competence.

Include Cover Letter for USD 99.00

Gross Price : USD



Please note that we are only providing your resume to the top clients and recruitment consultants. Neither do we have any tie up with these Clients/recruitment consultants nor provide assurance of job offers.