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Are you a great performer in your field and still not able to find the right platform to be hired? Not to worry, we can turn the spotlight on to you.

Why should you choose Quick Connect?

The best resume does not carry any value if it is not seen. Each single day that you are unemployed, you are losing your income. Locating potential employers is always time consuming process. Thanks to Quick Connect , every employer or placement agency can have access to the resume. The best part of this is instead of you finding the job; you can have the job find you. Quick Connect is significantly the most valuable service for anyone who is currently seeking an employment.

Why Quick Connect?

Every employer or the placement agency will have an access to your resume in the best format.

Aspire Jobz makes your resume accessible to non paid recruiter base of www.aspirejobz.com for most employers would not advertise their jobs anywhere, so it becomes very important to post the resume directly to the employer.

Infinite resumes are posted on the internet these days, most improbable for a client to go through all of them, so it proves to be helpful to post the resume directly to the client.

Having the resume in right hands is very important to get an opportunity to prove yourself

Quick Connect is quick in posting your resumes to the right client at right time.

The confidentiality of data is well maintained.

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How Quick Connect works?

Subscribe to Quick Connect and send us your resume at jobseeker@aspirejobz.com. You'll receive an order confirmation mail within 2 working days and your resume will be shared with the top placement consultants.


Please note that we are only providing your resume to the top clients and recruitment consultants. Neither do we have any tie up with these Clients/recruitment consultants nor provide assurance of job offers.